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Questions You Should Ask a Pool Contractor

If you are considering moving ahead with a pool remodel or a new pool construction, you may want to make sure you are partnering with a pool contractor that is reputable and honest. How can you tell? Ask questions. Here are few questions that a good contractor should be able to answer with proof. 1. How much experience do you have in the industry? Experience matters. It takes time to understand how all of the working parts of a good pool construction is organized. Additionally, make sure...

Benefits of Custom Pool Design

Why Build a Custom Pool? Southern California has some of the best weather in world.  However, spring and summer can present some hot days that are perfect for pool cool offs.  You can still enjoy a customized pool throughout the majority of the year in California.  Other than hot periods, here are a few reason that you may want to move ahead with a custom pool for your home. Health and Fitness Pools allow the best low-impact exercise—swimming.  Swimming is good for stress relief and...